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By providing wildlife feeders & houses during important times of the year, you can help improve the environment for our feathered friends & more. Enjoy the added benefit of the activity and natural beauty they bring to your personal environment!

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  • Orchard Bee Condo

    Increase your chances of good pollination! The Orchard

  • Carefree High Rise Perch Feeder

    Chickadees, Nuthatches, Titmouse, Pine Siskin, Redpolls plus many more regional birds will flock to the Hi-Rise feeder.

  • Friendly Feeder

    Basic feeder holds approx 2.5 lbs seed

  • King Combo Diner

    Our King Combo Feeder is handcrafted of Cedar

  • Clearvue Super Tower Perch Feeder

    See the Birds better with this “Clear-Vue” feeder

  • Carefree Prince Diner

    Attract many types of birds depending on your seed mix through self filling feed troughs.

  • Sedum Autumn Joy (sedum stonecrop)

    Sedum Autumn Joy possess succulent jade green foliage

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    Bare Root
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