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Plants to attract Bees, Butterflies & More.  Improving your personal environment with these plants can help many environmentally important species to thrive and survive!


Attracting pollinators to your edible landscaping environment will improve your harvest as well.  Work these plants into your landscape near your fruit & vegetable plants to help the pollinators do their work.  Varieties that bloom in the summer & fall (like roses) can also be an important source of late season food for honeybees. Remember when planting, bees prefer sunny locations.


Birds, Bees & other wildlife thrive in the protection offered by hedgerows and mass plantings, so consider these options when planting.  A good source of information on Landscaping for Wildlife.


As always, practicing safe gardening through minimal or no use of chemical pesticides and herbicides is obviously the best choice for protecting wildlife.  Organic gardening practices will also provide you with safe and healthy fruits and vegetables from your edible landscape. For some tips on easy ways to get started going organic in your landscape, look here.


Wondering about planting & care for these plants?

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  • Lilac Common Purple

    Old Fashioned Sub Zero purple lilac has one

    Bare Root
  • Purple Beautyberry

    Purple Beautyberry (Callicarpa dichotoma) is a compact deciduous

    Bare Root
  • Heirloom Crabapple – Whitney

    Whitney crabapple features large (golf ball size), crisp,

    Bare Root
  • Butterfly Bush – Purple

    Butterfly Bush (Buddleia davidii) is the best plant

    Bare Root
  • Althea Rose of Sharon – Double Pink

    Beautiful rose/pink flowers (up to 6″ in diameter)

    Bare Root
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  • Sedum Autumn Joy (sedum stonecrop) 32 Tray

    Packed in bulk 32 plant Tray – Sedum

    Bare Root
  • Honeysuckle Dropmore Scarlett

    Honeysuckle Dropmore Scarlett is a beautiful, vigorous, heat

    Bare Root