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Northland Blueberries

Norhland blueberry is the most cold hardy high bush variety. It is very adaptable and productive, yielding over 20 pounds per mature bush.t It’s excellent sweet flavor is perfect for muffins, pancakes, jams and baking due to its high sugar content. Bright yellow wood and compact shape makes it a beautiful landscape choice as well. It grows 3-5′ tall and 2-3′ wide  and is harvested in the summer.

Enjoy large, juicy, healthy blueberries from your own blueberry bush!

Vigorous, Hardy Plants. Exquisite flowering & fruiting shrub.  Plant multiple bushes for a living fruiting hedge (plant 4’ apart). Waxy green summer foliage followed by bright orange-red fall color.

Blueberries are somewhat self-fertile, but larger berries and a higher percentage of fruit setting results from fertilization by another variety, check related products for best matches.

Attracts bees & other pollinators!

Hardy in zones 3-7

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Restricted states – AK, CA, GA, HI, MI, OR, WA.


For larger crops, pollinate with Duke.


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Bare Root

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