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Duke Blueberry

This productive and decorative plant is considered the best early season blueberry available. Duke Blueberry will grow medium to large size berries which are produced in abundance, so heavy you may need to support the branches! They have a delicious tangy sweet flavor which is ready to harvest in late May. It is cold hardy (zones 4-7), grows 4-6′ tall, 5-6′ wide and makes a wonderful decorative hedge. Blooms a little later then other early varieties so it’s also a good pollinator with mid season varieties like Bluecrop or Berkeley.

Enjoy large, juicy, healthy blueberries from your own blueberry bush!

Vigorous, Hardy Plants. Exquisite flowering & fruiting shrub.  Plant multiple bushes for a living fruiting hedge (plant 4’ apart). Waxy green summer foliage followed by bright orange-red fall color.

3 seasons of interest:

1 – White pink tinged flowers (Spring)

2- Light blue fruit with deep green foliage (Summer)

3- Vibrant red and yellow foliage (Fall)

Blueberries are somewhat self-fertile, but larger berries and a higher percentage of fruit setting results from fertilization by another variety, check related products for best matches.

Hardy in zones 5-7.

Wondering about planting & care?

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  • Just the plant, Well rooted plant packed in moist media for shipping purposes. If you know what you want and know what you are doing, the perfect cost effective way to start your own edible landscape.

  • Professionally pruned and packed to give your plant a head start. Plant and root ball wrapped in a poly bag to retain moisture and insure your plant will remain viable until you are ready to plant. Packaging contains picture, variety information and full planting directions. Perfect if you’re not yet a “green thumb” or if you may not be ready to plant immediately on receipt. Also a great way to share as a gift!

Bare Root

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