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Strawberry Honeoye (June Bearing)

Developed by the Cornell research station in Geneva NY, Strawberry Honeoye has been a top choice for decades and remains a top seller. Winter hardy, extra heavy mid-season yields. Firm skin & flesh. Excellent for freezing. Very vigorous and hardy variety, great choice for the home gardener.

June bearing variety – will produce one crop of fruit yearly, usually in June. The plants will also produce shoots or runners that you can allow to spread and take root.  This give you the option of using as a ground cover in a true edible landscape!

Strawberries (Fragaria x ananassa) are an all time favorite of the home gardener! Enjoy sourcing your own delicious berries by planting these virus free plants.

Zone 3-8.

Bare Root – 25 Plants     Packaged – 25 Plants

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Restricted states – AK, HI.

  • Just the plant, roots packed in moist media for shipping purposes only. If you know what you want and know what you are doing, a perfect cost effective way to start your berry patch!

  • Professionally processed and hand rolled in moist media and poly coated paper to give your plants a head start and protect against root damage. Wrap is secured with moisture resistant sleeve to insure your berries will remain viable until you are ready to plant. Packaging contains color picture, variety information and full planting directions. Perfect if you’re not yet a “green thumb” or if you may not be ready to plant immediately on receipt. Also a great way to share the fun of growing your own strawberries!

Bare Root

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