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Thornless Blackberries – Arapaho

Thornless Blackberries Arapaho are Sub-zero hardy plants that produce an abundance of delicious berries without a trellis! These large sweet flavored blackberries are great for the lazy backyard gardener or the busy one. Fruit is good sized (1-2″), firm, sweet and bears abundantly. A mature plant will produce 2-4 quarts per plant but production has been reported up to 8 quarts! They can last up to a week when refrigerated without going soft. They’re thornless so you can harvest these delicious berries without getting stuck. Excellent for jellies, jams, sauces and wine. Contain vitamins, minerals and many healthful properties.

Great plant for attracting and supporting bees and butterflies!

Zone 5-9.

These blackberries bear for over a month beginning in mid June and are very productive bearing large crops of flavorful fruit.

Upright growing nature allows it to be grown in containers if desired. Just be sure the container is wide & deep enough.

Plant 2’-3’ apart to make an edible hedge approx 4’ tall. It does not need a trellis or support.

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Restricted states – AK, HI.


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