Rhubarb Victoria

One of the all time favorite early spring crops. Rhubarb Victoria stalks are easily harvested for 8-10 weeks each year. Green stalks develop pink speckling with the pink color being more intense at the bottom of the stalk, fading to a solid green near the top. Although not the reddest of varieties, Victoria is the best cooking and the tastiest of them all!

A perennial vegetable considered a fruit, you will enjoy for years to come. Plantings can be productive for 20+ years with proper maintenance. Easy to harvest, great for pies, jams, sauces.

Zone 3-9 hardy, and produces good yields.

Wondering about planting & care?

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Bare Root – (5) 2 yr. Heavy Roots    Packaged – (2) 1 yr Roots















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































  • You will receive 5 plants, packed for shipment. Can be stored in refrigerator (38-40F) up to 2 weeks.

  • Each pack contains 2 roots packed in proper media to maintain viability and for growth to start.  Package contains planting & harvesting instructions.  Long shelf life if you’re not quite ready to plant or want to share the bounty with family or friends.



Bare Root