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Grape – Reliance Seedless Pink

Reliance Seedless pink grape is known for its large clusters of round medium-sized berries. Sweet flavor, tender skin and flesh mark this variety.  Reliance Seedless ripens to a pinkish red mid August thru September. Reliance earned its name by being one of the hardiest seedless varieties.  Plant a second variety for even better production! A mature vine can produce 20-30 lbs.

Easy to grow, on trellis, porch, arbor or walls. These #1 grade grape vines will last for generations and provide healthy, fresh, juicy, sweet, mouth watering fruit.

Dual purpose plant – fast growing shade forming vine that attracts birds and bees to your yard or garden!

(vitis labrusca)

This self pollinating vine grows well in zones 5-8.

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