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The Fairy Rose

The Fairy Rose is a well loved polyantha rose that features nonstop double, rosette-shaped blossoms of light pink from June through frost.  It’s not unusual to see these delicate pink blooms peaking out from the season’s first snowfall.  Clusters of flowers produced in waves cover the compact disease-resistant bush.  Ideal for borders, hedges or mass plantings. Pink blooms may turn blush white during intense heat if planted in full sun.

Full sun to partial shade.

Mature plant reaches 4-6′ in height and 3′ spread.

Zone 4 – 9

1 yr. #1

You Receive 4 Plants.

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  • Just the plant, roots packed in moist media for shipping purposes only. If you know what you want and know what you are doing, the perfect cost effective way to beautify your homestead.

  • Professionally pruned and hand potted to give your Rose a head start. We use a plantable, biodegradable fiber pot – made from recycled material. Sealed in poly bag to retain moisture and insure your rose will remain viable until you are ready to plant. Packaging contains color picture label with variety information and full planting directions. Perfect if you’re not yet a “green thumb” or if you may not be ready to plant immediately on receipt. Also a great way to share the beauty as a gift!

Bare Root

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