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Lily of the Valley Instructions

Here’s how to grow your Lily of the Valley, one of the most famous of all perennials!

The fragrant flowers are ideal for shady or partially shady places. Their delicate beauty and fragrance combined with their ease of growing have made it an “All American” favorite.

When to Plant

  • Plant in spring or summer. Their mass of cup-shaped flowers appear in May and June.

Where to Plant

  • Plant in full to partial shade. Lily of the Valley thrives where grass won’t grow.

How to Plant

Remove poly wrapping before planting

  • Prepare the soil by loosening to a depth of about 12 inches and working in some humus or compost.
  • Plant 12 inches apart with the tops about an inch below the surface of the soil.
  • Water frequently the first few days to help become established.


  • They make an ideal cut flower with other flowers or a few green leaves.

Plant Care

  • Your Lilies of the Valley may be left in the same location for many years. If feeding seems desirable, a complete fertilizer is best. Apply in early spring and water in immediately.