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Daylily Instructions

Bring charming beauty to your garden!

Our re-blooming Daylilies are a hardy plant that thrives in all sections of the country. These finest of the new hybrid produce magnificent flowers up to 5 inches across. Although the bloom lasts for only a day, fresh new flowers are produced day after day. Individual plants have been known to produce 300 flowers! An ideal plant for mass plantings, their attractive green foliage adds to the charm.

When to Plant

  • Plant in the fall for spring flowers. Plant in the spring to establish for even more prolific blooming the following year.

Where to Plant

  • Daylilies thrive in sun or shade — even in poor soil.

How to Plant

Remove poly wrapping before planting

  • Loosen soil to about 12 inches deep and 12 inches wide. Work in peat, humus or compost to loosen the soil.
  • Mix the potting mix into the soil. Cut off foliage, if any, to about 1 inch above the top of the plant.
  • Set the plant with sprouts or eyes just below ground level. Be sure to spread the roots to help the plant become established.
  • Water frequently and thoroughly after planting.


  • Feed occasionally with a balanced fertilizer.

Plant Care

  • Daylilies require little or no care and may remain undisturbed for several years.


  • Cut for striking long-stemmed flower arrangements.